December 31, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Dear friends, 

Beth Coyote from RD Sangha with Glenn Kuz from MindWorks would like to invite you to participate in a New Year’s Eve gathering from 7-9 PM. 

We will have a short reading, a 30 minute meditation and an opportunity to share (if you wish) your intentions for the new year. What are intentions? As Jack Kornfield states in the quote below, they are the heart’s direction. Right intention is the resolve to give up the causes of suffering, to give up ill-will  and to lean towards harmlessness, for ourselves and for others.

As you begin the New Year, take some time to sit and quietly reflect. If today you were to set or reaffirm a  long-term intention, a vow, your heart’s direction, what would it be? It might be as simple as “I vow to be  kind.” It might be a vow to build a healthy business, establish a truly loving family. It might be an intention to dedicate yourself to the healing or care of others, or to fearlessly express your creativity in the world. Once  you have a sense of your long-term dedication, write it down. Then put it someplace where you keep special  things. Now, as you go through the year, let it be your compass—your underlying direction—in spite of  changing outer circumstances. Let it carry you.

-Jack Kornfield 

All are invited to attend. Stay as long as you wish. 

Beth and Glenn

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